Aug 10, 2019, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
9399 Co Rd 275,
9399 Co Rd 275, Idaho Springs, CO 80452, USA

Rules and Regulations

Teams of 4 will be invited to build an ore cart to the specifications listed below. Teams will load pieces of gold and silver of differing weights, one at a time, into their ore cart and push the ore cart up the hill along Fall River Road on the south side of Silver Lake to a target zone located north of the condominiums along Fall River Road.  Using their dumping mechanism, teams will dump their piece into the target zone at the top of the hill. Teams will then proceed down the hill to collect the remaining pieces of gold and silver. Teams will be judged on speed to complete the task, as well as artistic creativity for the design/decoration of the ore cart and the team uniforms.

Specifications of the Ore Carts:

  • Can be made of any material, including cardboard, plywood, carbon fiber, etc.

  • Must be capable of carrying up to 25 pounds.

  • Must be 34-36 inches tall at its tallest point.

  • Must be 48-52 inches long at its longest point.

  • Must be 25-30 inches wide at its widest point.

  • Must include 4 wheels configured in any way. Wheels must be between 6-12 inches in diameter.

  • Must have a dumping mechanism.

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