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Property Owners

Parking on St. Mary's and Alice Roads

House Numbers

Dog Owners

St. Mary's Metropolitan District does not allow parking on any of the roads in our area at any time. The Metro District will ticket vehicles that are illegally parked. Illegally parked vehicles may also be towed if they are not removed from the roadway promptly. There is a ten foot easement along the sides of every road for snow removal, culvert, and road maintenance. The Metro District is not responsible for damage to any personal property such as fencing or other decorative boundaries, cars, etc. which encroach into the roadway easement. 

Numbers are to be posted so to be seen visibly from the road. This is required as noted in the St. Mary's/Winterland covenants. Visible house numbers also allow Fire and Rescue Teams to quickly locate addresses in the event of emergencies.

Clear Creek County has a Leash Law and all dogs at large may be reported to Zach at the Clear Creek Animal Authority: (303) 679-2398. If Animal Control does not respond in a timely manner the Clear Creek County Sheriff may be called.

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