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Covenant Controlled Community

St. Mary's Glacier is a covenant controlled community located in Idaho Springs, CO. We are not a state or national park but simply a community made-up of two neighborhoods, Alice and Winterland. Please respect our private property. No camping or discharging of firearms allowed within our subdivision. Illegal campers are subject to a fine up to $500.

Winter Hazards

Before heading into the backcountry (which includes St. Mary's Glacier), please check the CAIC for avalanche conditions as well as the weather forecast. The mountains can be a very dangerous place if you aren't experienced in winter backcountry conditions and versed in the potential dangers. St. Mary's Glacier isn't a state or national park so be aware that you are in true backcountry conditions at a very high altitude with limited access to assistance. 


The only legal parking for St. Mary's Glacier Hike and trailhead are two paid parking lots. One lot is south and one is north of the trailhead. The cost is $20 per day, per vehicle. There are only restroom and trash facilities at both parking lots. These are the only facilities for the hike and the St. Mary's Glacier area.

There is No parking allowed on Fall River road or within the subdivision

No Off Highway Vehicles

The St. May's, Winterland and Alice subdivisions are surrounded by multiple National Forest Service OHV Trails. 


ATV's or other motorized vehicles may not be unloaded anywhere in the St. Mary's, Winterland or Alice communities.


Your well behaved, leashed pets are welcome at St. Mary's Glacier. Please be aware you may encounter wildlife in the area and take necessary precautions. Please clean up after your pets.

No Camping

There are no U.S. Forest Service Campgrounds in our area. Camping is not allowed in any part of the St. Mary's neighborhoods of Alice or Winterland. Illegal campers are subject to a fine of up to $500. Please contact the U.S. Forest Service website for campgrounds that take reservations in Clear Creek County. Thank you in advance for respecting any fire bans that may be in effect.


The hike to St. Mary's Glacier is about 3/4 mile and is a moderate hike over rocky terrain. Appropriate footwear, plenty of water and preparation for changing weather conditions on the continental divide are recommended.

Fishing for Badge Holders

The 2 lakes in the Subdivision are private and are for the use of property owners, their tenants, and guests. Badges are required. To purchase badges, please email

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